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It’s a complete Birthday Bonanza at Monarto Safari Park!

We’re celebrating a huge Birthday Bonanza this week with six animals turning another year older at Monarto Safari Park.

Male lions Kashka, Kubwa and Kito, little Chimpanzee Enzi and giraffes Kinky and Tambo all have a birthday this week and keepers are pulling out all the stops to mark the occasion.

First up, it was a party at the Chimpanzee platform with the troop enjoying enrichment, snacks and decorations to celebrate Enzi the youngster’s 5th birthday.

Born in 2015 to mum Zombi, Enzi has regularly delighted visitors with his playful antics including tickling sessions with the older chimps and his hilarious somersaults and swinging around exhibit.

As always, the chimp keeping team created a feast for the eyes with streamers, brightly-coloured presents and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to go around.

Little Enzi was quick to race outside and check out the bounty before settling onto a platform in the sun with presents filled with delicious nuts and seeds.

Across the park, our African Lions also enjoyed some enrichment to celebrate males Kashka, Kubwa and Kito’s birthday tomorrow.

While coloured balls and shapes filled with turkey mince were placed into their ten-hectare exhibit, the male lions just weren’t that interested.

It was the females Nia, Makena and Husani and the four cubs who tucked into it first, with the brothers seeming unfazed, remaining in their night yards with other smaller enrichment hand fed to them by keepers.

As if that’s not enough, there are some other special dates to acknowledge with giraffe Kinky turning 21 on Friday and towering male giraffe Tambo turning 20 on Wednesday.

Many of our visitors would know Kinky for the large kink in her neck, which was unfortunately caused by her mum sitting down on her while giving birth!

This hasn’t bothered Kinky though with her being an integral member of our herd and mothering many healthy calves.

While celebrations and enrichment like those created today may just look like a bit of fun, they actually make up an important part of our care for the animals.

Simple things like delivering food in different and interesting ways or introducing new scents, objects or sounds to the animals’ environment are all ways to make our residents think differently and encourage behaviours natural for their species.

For any visitors wanting to visit Monarto Safari Park soon to wish Enzi, the lion boys or Kinky and Tambo a happy birthday, it’s important they book their tickets in advance to help the park stick to their COVID Management Plan.

Tickets are available at our website.


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