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Ape-y Birthday Zola – little chimp turns one

Keepers at Monarto Safari Park have celebrated the first birthday of chimpanzee Zola with a celebration for the troop. The one-year-old celebrated in style with keepers decorating the outdoor exhibit with papier mache balls filled with dried pellets, seeds and…

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tasmanian devils, tassie devils, joeys, monarto safari park, health check

A pouchful of Tassie Devils have health checks

A wriggling pouchful of Tassie Devil joeys have had their first visit with the veterinary team at Monarto Safari Park. Earlier today, four little ones were weighed, sexed, microchipped and given a physical and dental examination by veterinary nurses Di and Morgan…

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Monarto Safari Park african lion cub health check

Feisty lion cubs ace their first health check

Vets and keepers certainly had their hands full yesterday as four feisty African Lion cubs had their first visit with the vet at Monarto Safari Park. Each cub was microchipped, weighed, vaccinated, wormed and given an overall physical examination before…

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Tasmanian devils, Simon Dower, Monarto Safari Park

How much do you know about Tasmanian Devils and their joeys?

Tasmanian Devils are Australia’s largest living marsupial carnivore. Monarto Safari Park works with several other Australian zoos to maintain an insurance population that aids the recovery effort for the Tasmanian Devil. Boosting genetic diversity and maintaining a healthy captive population is key…

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giraffes, nolean, haidee, monarto safari park, giraffe calf

How much do you know about Giraffes?

Haidee is one of our ungulate keepers at Monarto Safari Park. Recently Haidee has been hand-feeding Nolean, a giraffe calf born in October 2019. Unfortunately, Nolean’s mum didn’t want to feed her and so Haidee and the other ungulate (hoofed…

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Nolean, Waterhole, Giraffe conservation, Monarto Safari Park

Little Nolean sticks her neck out

Ungulate keepers at Monarto Safari Park were celebrating this week as Nolean, the giraffe calf they have hand-raised since October, made her first long-legged steps back into the herd, after months of round-the-clock care. Nolean was born in October last…

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African Painted Dog Monarto Safari Park

Puppy love is in the air at Monarto Safari Park!

While they may not be indulging in champagne and strawberries this Valentine’s Day, Monarto Safari Park’s pack of African Painted Dogs are enjoying another special gift – each other’s company. Monarto’s carnivore team recently introduced females Penda and Bulu to…

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Meerkats by Adrian Mann

Our photographer’s favourite images of 2019

Favourite images of 2019: When he’s not teaching at High School, Zoos SA photographer Adrian Mann loves to spend time capturing images of the animals at both Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park. Adrian’s favourite images from 2019 include the…

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Monarto Safari Park bushfire Wildlife Conservation Fund

We need your help to protect bushfire-affected wildlife

Ecologists estimate we’ve lost over one billion Australian animals – mammals, birds and reptiles – since the catastrophic blazes gripping the country began, with untold others sick, injured, suffering and displaced. The animals that have survived now face a tough time ahead, having…

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Merry Christmas Monarto Safari Park 2019

Merry Christmas and thank you!

It’s Christmas, friends! The year is almost over and we’d like to say a huge thank you to our incredible wild family for helping us connect more people than ever before to nature and continue to save amazing species from…

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Update: Both Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park will reopen Monday 23 November. For full details:

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