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Our photographer’s favourite images of 2019

Favourite images of 2019: When he’s not teaching at High School, Zoos SA photographer Adrian Mann loves to spend time capturing images of the animals at both Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park.

Adrian’s favourite images from 2019 include the arrival of a newly born giraffe at Monarto Safari Park. This particular giraffe was the 45th to be born at Monarto and arrived just before Easter. “It was wonderful to see each of the female giraffes greeting the new addition to the herd,” says Adrian.

“Watching a giraffe being born, being welcomed by the other giraffe and then taking its first few steps … is a priceless moment,” continued Adrian.

As a self-confessed ‘cat person’ who loves taking shots of big cats and hyenas (Adrian loves their ruggedness) it’s perhaps no surprise that his second favourite shot from 2019 is of Kembali, one of Adelaide Zoo’s Sumatran tigers. “I love the picture of Kembali looking out from the bushes and walking head on. He is stunning and majestic – he’s also likely to be the father of a future generation of tigers,” says Adrian excitedly.

There’s no denying Adrian feels a connection to some of the animals and believes some might even know him – that’s not to say that always helps him. He needs to be patient just like any other photographer waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment that might or might not happen.

With so many wonderful shots taken over 2019, what does Adrian hope to capture with his lens in 2020? “There are lots of pictures I’d love to get, including tiger cubs. Fingers crossed.”

Adrian’s final wish for 2020? “I hope the recent bushfire events open people’s eyes to the impacts our activity is having on the wildlife of Australia,” he says.


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