Monarto Safari Park

Three big roars for lions!

Monarto Safari Park pride the mane event on World Lion Day

What’s the pawfect way to celebrate your species? With tasty meat-filled enrichment of course!

Today, the African lion pride at Monarto Safari Park celebrated World Lion Day with brightly decorated enrichment boxes created by the BEEZA (Behavioural Environmental Enrichment for Zoo Animals) volunteer group.

The largest lion pride in Australia, 13 lions call Monarto Safari Park home including the pride’s newest little arrivals, seven-month-old cubs Malkia, Ruka and Chad.

Senior Keeper of Carnivores Rachel Hemming said the pride had the purr-fect celebration tearing into tasty treats.

“I love the pride here at Monarto and feel very lucky to work with such a beautiful species like the African Lion,” Rachel said.

“Each member of the pride has their own personality and it is amazing getting to know each one. For example little Malkia, our newest female cub, she has such a strong and bold personality and is definitely one to watch!

“The meat-filled enrichment we gave them today allows the lions to use natural behaviours that they would display in the wild. For example, we often give them balls to chase and pounce on which gives them that opportunity to use their hunting instincts.

“The size of the Monarto pride is super special as well, not only because there are such dynamic family relationships and bonds, but also because our visitors can learn more about lions and see how a pride would be in the wild.

“These guys are amazing ambassadors and really highlight on days like World Lion Day the plight of their species and Zoos SA’s conservation work with on-ground programs like the Zambian Carnivore Program.”

African Lions are native to sub-Saharan Africa and live in rich grasslands and light woodlands of eastern Africa to the more arid areas of the Kalahari Desert.

Lionesses share the hunting and babysitting duties, while the males in the pride are responsible for protecting the pride and territory.

Sadly, this majestic species is vulnerable to extinction, their population decreasing due to indiscriminate killing, habitat loss and trophy hunting.

That is why World Lion Day is so important.

With the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species estimating that there are less than 25,000 lions left in the wild, it is vital that we raise awareness and work to save this amazing species.

You can show your pride for our pride and their wild cousins by adopting a lion at Monarto Safari Park or taking part in one of our roarsome experiences.

Each time you visit or take part in Lions360 or Lions at Bedtime, you help us support rangers patrolling the Sera Conservancy in Kenya and our partnership with the Painted Dog Conservation Inc and the Zambian Carnivore Program.

Our breeding and conservation work also wouldn’t be possible without our pawsome partners ElectraNet.

To learn more about lions or to book your tickets to visit the pride at Monarto Safari Park, please visit

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