Feed our pride of hungry lions their dinner

Assist the keeper in calling the lions into their night quarters before feeding them a big meaty treat.

That’s not all though: you’ll also get the opportunity to come face-to-face with another amazing African carnivore – the Spotted Hyaena.

Watch the hyaena clan enjoy some enrichment and witness a fascinating training session with the keepers that will show you the truth behind these misunderstood animals.

Highlights of this experience

  • Go behind the scenes and discover the lions’ night quarters
  • Meet out magnificent pride of African Lion
  • Come face to face with our fascinating Spotted Hyena

Monarto Safari Park is home to Australia’s largest lion pride.

A lions roar can be heard from as far as eight kilometres away.

Hyenas are unfortunately a misunderstood species, often portrayed simply as daft scavengers. In reality, they’re excellent hunters with a success rate of up to 95%, intelligent and have wonderful personalities.

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

Sadly over the past 21 years the lion population in the wild is believed to have been reduced by 43%. That’s the equivalent of three generations. It is now estimated that there may be as few as 20,000 lions remaining in the wild.

We’re on a mission to save lions from extinction and that’s why we support a large group of rangers to patrol the Sera Conservancy in Kenya to protect lions and other African species. We are also raising valuable funds to safeguard lions in their native Zambia through our partnership with Painted Dog Conservation Inc supporting the Zambian Carnivore Program.

By purchasing a ticket to our Lions at Bedtime experience, you are helping us save lions from extinction in the wild. To support us even further you can also adopt our pride of African Lions or Spotted Hyena or make a tax deductible donation. Your support will help us continue our important conservation work and help safeguard this species.

Want to get involved? You can help!

Adopt or donate

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