Fast cheetah facts

Our little cheetah cubs are getting ready to meet you! We are so proud of how second-time mum Kesho has raised her beautiful cubs in the private den. Now at three months old, the three little girls and one boy…

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Mallee Emu-wren release Zoos SA

Very special Mallee Emu-wrens return home

Some very special little wrens have returned home to South Australia, marking a huge contribution to the conservation program working to save their species. Forty endangered Mallee Emu-wrens were recently released into a protected area in Ngarkat Conservation Park in…

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Cheetah cub health check

Cheeky cubs given clean bill of health

Yesterday, our four adorable cheetah cubs had their very first visit with the vet! During their check-up, the cubs were microchipped, received their first round of vaccinations and were given full-body examinations to determine their sex and general health. We’re…

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Scarlett joins herd with Irwins by her side

Australia’s biggest giraffe herd has grown with the arrival of 12-month-old Scarlett! After travelling more than 2000 kilometers and spending 30 days in quarantine, Scarlett was officially welcomed into Monarto Zoo’s giraffe herd this month. The lofty beauty was born…

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Monarto Zoo welcomes new cheetah cubs!

Four charming and feisty felines have joined the Monarto Zoo family after Kesho the cheetah gave birth last week. The healthy cubs – born Monday 21 May – are an exciting addition to the zoo family and Kesho’s second litter…

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Cheetah cubs due at Monarto Zoo

Prepare for the pitter patter of paws at Monarto Zoo – Kesho the Cheetah is pregnant! The adorable addition are due this month, and will be the second litter of cubs Kesho has birthed in two years. Monarto Zoo keeper…

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Monarto Safari Park app

Monarto Zoo launches new interactive app

Monarto Zoo’s interactive new app has arrived just in time for the school holidays. The traditional way visitors experience Monarto Zoo will be transformed by technology that pushes information straight to your iPhone, Android phone or any Bluetooth enabled device….

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Monarto Safari Park new chimps

Two new chimps swing into Monarto Zoo

We’re excited to share the news that two new chimps have joined Monarto Zoo’s Chimpanzee troop! Meet Hannah and Lani, two curious girls who are busy settling in after making the journey from Taronga Zoo in Sydney earlier this month….

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Greater Bilby enters burrow at night.

Boost for bilbies in the wild

The wild bilby population received a boost last month, with eight of the iconic and rare marsupials released into Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary in Western Australia, including two Monarto Zoo bred bilbies. Four-year-old male Greater Bilby Yarli…

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Monarto Safari Park cheetah

Racing to save the world’s fastest cat

Today is World Cheetah Day and we’re celebrating all things spotty, fluffy and speedy! There are a million things we could say about these elegant cats, but we thought we’d take this opportunity to let you know a little bit…

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Giraffe calves at Monarto Safari Park

Saving our gentle giants

Experts are calling it the silent extinction. As the world’s tallest animal, and easily one of the most recognisable around the globe, it’s hard to fathom that we could be losing giraffe right before our eyes. But the reality is,…

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Lions 360 ready and roaring to go

South Australia’s newest attraction – Lions 360 fed to you by ElectraNet – will be officially launched today ahead of being opened to the public from this Saturday. Zoos SA Chief Executive Elaine Bensted said visitors would be able to…

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Meet our newest little devils!

Meet the newest members of the Monarto Zoo family, four adorable Tasmanian Devil joeys! Born in April to mum Jolene, these fluffy and feisty adorable marsupials received their very first health check last week where they were weighed, micro-chipped and given a…

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The Meerkat baby boom continues

Meet Monarto Zoo’s newest and most adorable residents – two pint-sized Meerkat pups! Meet Monarto Zoo’s newest and most adorable residents – two pint-sized Meerkat pups! Born on 16 August to proud first-time parents Eanie and Roho, the two little…

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Help name our adorable Cheetah cubs!

Monarto Zoo’s adorable Cheetah cubs need names! At almost four months old, the little cubs weigh in at just over 7kg each now and are growing everyday under the watchful eye of doting mum Kesho. Keepers have named one little…

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It’s time to rethink the zoo

What do the Pygmy Blue-Tongue Lizard, Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby and Przewalski’s Horse all have in common? Well, for one thing they’ve all been on the brink of extinction; for another, they very likely wouldn’t be around today if not for the…

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Cheetah cubs in perfect health!

Yesterday, our five adorable Cheetah cubs received their first health check. During the check-up, the eight-week-old cubs were micro-chipped, received their first round of vaccinations and were given a full body examination. We’re thrilled to have four little girls and…

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First check-up for our Cheetah cubs

Monarto Zoo’s five adorable cheetah cubs have been growing fast and today will have their very first health check! During the check-up, the eight-week-old cubs will be microchipped, receive their first round of vaccinations and will be given a full…

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Prickly news from Monarto Zoo

We’re excited to share the news some prickly new friends have joined the Monarto Zoo family, with two African Crested Porcupines moving in! Meet Oliver and Rita, who took up residence in a new habitat near the visitor centre last month. The…

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Two baby giraffes in two weeks!

Another not-so-little baby has joined the Monarto Zoo family with the birth of an adorable giraffe calf this morning. Born to fourth-time mum Kinky in the early hours of the morning, the youngster was discovered by zoo staff in the…

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Giraffe on the move

Last Monday, one of Monarto Zoo’s male giraffe, Ajabu, was moved back to his paddock with our bachelor giraffe group after visiting the female herd at waterhole for breeding. Ajabu was moved into the waterhole habitat last year to mingle…

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Monarto Zoo mourns the loss of Southern White Rhino

Monarto Zoo is mourning the loss of our 18-month-old Southern White Rhino Tundu, who tragically passed away yesterday. Preliminary results indicate Tundu experienced significant internal blood loss, most likely from a traumatic injury, possibly caused by some incident involving the…

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Welcome to a not-so-little giraffe calf

We are thrilled to announce the birth of an adorable giraffe calf at Monarto Zoo. Born at 10:45am this morning to fourth-time mum Myeisha, the calf is the first giraffe born at Monarto Zoo in eight years. Giraffe keeper Vaughan…

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Five Cheetah cubs born at Monarto Zoo

Five incredibly cute and feisty felines have joined the Monarto Zoo family, with the birth of a healthy litter of Cheetah cubs to first-time mum Kesho. Born on Friday, 24 March, the almost two-week-old cubs are an exciting addition to…

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Baby boom at Monarto Zoo

 Over the past month, our ungulate keeping team has been kept busy, with the birth of a Przewalski’s Horse foal, Addax and Scimitar-horned Oryx! Born on 13 March, the adorable Przewalski’s Horse foal is one of more than 50 of the species to…

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Lifeline for endangered Mallee Emu-wren

Mallee Emu-wrens are facing serious trouble in the wild. In fact, in 2014 the last known population was all but wiped out in South Australia during the summer bush fires. But now, thanks to our planned breeding program, these tiny birds are…

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