Monarto Safari Park

Wild about mums!

Mums went wild at Monarto Safari Park today!

Across the Mallee Plains, spotty, stripey and furry little ones cuddled up with the special mum in their life to celebrate Mother’s Day.

In the Chimpanzee troop, one-year-old Happy, his sister Hope and their mum Hannah, shared some snuggles while matriarch Zombi, kept a watchful eye over her pant-hooting family.

Senior Keeper of Primates, Laura Hanely, said it was a gorgeous day at the park to recognise mum figures of all shapes, sizes and species.

“We love celebrating all of our wonderful animal mums, but it’s also great to celebrate all the human mums in all their forms,” she said.

“The chimp mums are so special here at Monarto Safari Park. We’ve got the lovely Hannah, who is a mother of two, and she is the most playful mum; we even have footage of her throwing her youngsters up into the air, catching them and making them laugh.

“Every morning she takes all the children that are part of our Monarto chimp family outside and plays with them while the other mums and aunties rest.

“We also have another female called Zombi, who is the matriarch of our troop, and she looks after everybody as well as her own three offspring, who she is incredibly doting towards.

“They are a real powerhouse of a family, really calm, cool and collected and they all get that from their fantastic mum.”

Another amazing animal mum is African Lion, Husani. She enjoyed her special day with a snooze in the sunshine while Auntie Nia helped keep her feisty cubs Bahati, Mshindi, Lela and Kadija entertained.

Spotted Hyenas mums, Kanzi, Fahari and Forest, shared pack playtime together with their little ones, and over in Wild Africa, Hippopotamus mum and daughter duo, Brindabella and Pansy, were seen out and about near the waterhole chomping on lunch together.

Meanwhile, Mums of the humankind had a fun family day out exploring the biggest safari park outside of Africa. Need to get your paws on a last-minute treat for Mother’s Day? Download one of our free animal-themed cards and colour in the species to show the special mum in your life how roarsome they truly are!

Wild facts about animal mums:

  • It takes a village: Giraffe mums lean on their herd for support to raise their calves. While the little ones are able to stand within an hour or so after birth, they take a while to find their hooves. While mum goes to eat, the other females in the herd will take on babysitting duties!
  • Special bond: Orangutan babies stay with their mums for up to seven years. Their doting mums take good care of their little ones making a new cosy bed each night out of branches and leaves for the ultimate mum and bub snuggles.
  • The best teacher: Just like us, Cheetah learn a lot from the mum figure in their life! Cheetah cubs stay with their mum for around two years after birth to learn all about hunting, playing and being spotty.
  • Mother’s group: African Elephants are born into a matriarchal herd with everyone lending a trunk to raise their little ones. Elephant mums also do an enormous amount of work to grow their babies with the longest gestation period of any mammal at 22 months!
  • Always there when you need them: Kangaroo joeys stay in their mum’s pouch for six months before hopping out to explore the world. But mum is always close by if they need a safe place to hide or a cosy spot for a snooze!

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