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Baby boom continues with two zebra foals

Monarto Zoo is excited to have welcomed two zebra foals to the family in a month, with a male foal born on 23 October to mum, Thembela and a second little boy just weeks later on 26 November to mum, Kenya.

The two foals are the first zebra to be born at Monarto Zoo in five years and top-off a very successful year for breeding at Monarto Zoo, with the birth of two Spotted Hyena cubs, two Giraffe calves, five Cheetah cubs, two Meerkat pups, three porcupettes, Przewalski’s Horse foals and a host of exciting antelope and native animal arrivals.

Zebra foal with mum

Both mums are doing a fantastic job and have a strong bond with their foals. The baby boys have lots of growing to do; weighing in at about 15kg at birth, as adults the pair will weigh about 350kg each!

For now, the little foals are spending their time in an off-limits paddock with the rest of our zebra breeding group and will not be visible to the public for the time being.

Like most animals, the wild zebra population is decreasing, so it’s exciting to have two new additions to the Monarto Zoo herd.

As a conservation charity, Monarto Zoo is proud to have bred 13 zebras as part of a vital insurance population for the near threatened species.


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