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The results are in – our eleven Tasmanian Devil joeys have names!

You might remember a few weeks ago we asked you to come up with some great names beginning with X, Y and Z for our recent Tasmanian Devil joey litters.

After going through hundreds of suggestions, our dedicated Natives team have finally whittled down the list to eleven names for our six males and five females.

From Yassie and Xquisite to Zigzag, Zoomie and Zippitydoodah, it’s clear you guys had some fun with this one!

Announced today during a Facebook Live with keeper Simon, the names are… *drum roll please*

Starting with X, mum Xena’s two boys and a girl are called Xerxes, Xavi and Xboxx.

Violet’s joeys, two boys and two girls, have been named Yabbadabbadoo, Yani, Yolo and Yuki.

Finally, Thumbelina’s litter got the letter Z, so her two girls and two boys are Zainy, Zara, Zoltan and Zero.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted their suggestions and we’ll be contacting the winner of the competition within the coming days so check those inboxes!

In the meantime, we hope to see you visiting our Tassie Devils at Monarto Safari Park soon.

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