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Small changes to help our native wildlife

In Australia, we are lucky to be home to some of the most unique and amazing animals. Many of our species are found no where else in the world!

In fact, it is believed that 87 per cent of our mammal species, 93 per cent of reptiles, 94 per cent of frogs and 45 per cent of our bird species are endemic to Australia.

Sadly, when it comes to extinction, we have a pretty dismal record with more than 50 native species of animals lost already and many more on the decline.

Feral cats are currently the greatest threat to native wildlife in Australia. They have been implicated in at least 27 mammal extinctions across Australia and currently threaten more than 100 native species, including mammals, lizards and ground nesting birds.

Here at Monarto Zoo, we are doing our bit to save some of these incredible species through our conservation programs, but you can help too.

Our native’s team has launched their Small Change Campaign and are asking you to think about what native wildlife you have in your backyard and what you can do to keep it safe.

There are lots of small changes you can make in your own backyard to create a better environment for Australian animals:

  1. Put out a water source for wildlife.
  2. Put up bird and mammal boxes for shelter.
  3. Keep your cats inside.
  4. Plant native habitat in your backyard.

Be sure to stop by the Visitor Centre on your next visit to Monarto Zoo to check out our Small Change Campaign display and meet some of our amazing Aussie animals.


Keeper Hayley made this incredible Pygmy Blue-tongue cake for the #TSBakeoff, complete with the spider burrows thes… https://t.co/jTG6sWpSmS

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