Second Bundle of Joy for Monarto Chimps

Monarto Zoo is celebrating the birth of a Chimpanzee infant, born the evening of Monday 19 October to seasoned mum Zombi.

The male infant is the second Chimpanzee infant born at the zoo in recent weeks. A male infant, Boon, was born on Friday 9 October, but lost his mum shortly after birth.

Boon was adopted by the then expectant Zombi, although is now currently being cared for by zoo keepers.

Zoos SA Senior Veterinarian, Dr Ian Smith says the zoo is faced with a completely unique situation and the ultimate outcome is unclear at this stage.

“Yesterday the decision was made to retrieve Boon from Zombi as he was starting to look quite lethargic. Zombi was administered with a sedative and Boon was successfully retrieved,” Ian said.

“Although Boon has been suckling well since birth, we think that he was still only drinking colostrum milk, which was not sustaining him well enough as he grew.  He would normally have been drinking milk by this stage.

“Zombi recovered quickly, and in another twist of events, safely delivered her own infant overnight.

“Zombi and her infant are doing well and the little male seems be strong and healthy. This morning Zombi was successfully reintroduced to the chimp troop and all family members are very inquisitive about the new infant.”
Boon is currently being cared for by keepers and has survived the night. As of this morning he is continuing to feed well.

Monarto staff cannot be sure what the eventual outcome will be, but keeping and veterinarian staffs’ ultimate aim would be to reintroduce Boon back to Zombi once he is stable and gaining weight. Keepers will continue to assess the situation and hope to know more in the next few days.

The Chimpanzee Platform will remain closed to the public until further notice.


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