Saving the White Rhino

Hopes are high for the pitter-patter of little rhino feet at Monarto Zoo as our male and female White Rhinos are introduced for the breeding season.

Monarto Zoo’s keeping team is working to to continue our White Rhino breeding success with the introduction of bulls Ibutho and Satara to our female herd.

In early November, Satara, the father of one-year-old Tundu and four-year-old Kibibi, was introduced to the females. Keepers were excited to observe multiple matings between Umquali and Satara.

Ibutho was introduced to the girls late last month. The introduction marks the first breeding attempt with Ibutho, who provides valuable new genes to the regional insurance population.

The introduction went extremely well, which opens up lots of new opportunities for future breeding attempts.


Over the coming months, keepers plan to continue with introductions to increase our chances of success.

If the boys are successful in wooing adult females Uhura and Umquali, after a 16-month pregnancy Monarto Zoo could be welcoming an adorable new calf to the wild family!

More than 1,300 rhinos were poached last year in South Africa and we’ve nearly reached the tipping point where more rhinos are poached each year than are born.

At this rate, it is suggested rhinos in the wild will be extinct by 2024. That’s why our breeding program is incredibly important in safeguarding this species.

Here at Monarto Zoo, we’re proud to have bred five Southern White Rhinos, an important contribution to securing the future of this near-threatened species.

As well as breeding White Rhinos, we are also working with The Australian Rhino Project to relocate up to thirty of this threatened species from South Africa to Monarto Zoo.rhino-intros

As a conservation charity, we’re committed to helping ensure the future of this incredible species. It’s only with the support of people like you that we are able to continue this important work!

For now, keep your fingers crossed and we will keep you updated!


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