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Roarsome cubs take their first steps out on the main exhibit

Roarsome cubs take their first steps out on the main exhibit!

Monarto Safari Park’s four little lion cubs are ready to take their next, bold steps. The fab four, consisting of one male and three females, will enter the 11.5 hectare main exhibit today.

After prowling around their den area with the adults since their birth in mid-February, the cubs are now ready to venture out.

Asked how she thought the cubs will behave when they get to explore the new area with the rest of the pride, keeper ChristyLee Tonkin said:  “They are proper little lions now.”

“They are adventurous and playful but still like being close to Mum. Wherever she goes, they’ll eventually follow. Even if they wander off a little way, they’ll soon come running back.

“They are now eating meat so won’t want to miss the opportunity for a tasty feed up at the Lions 360 dome or the platform.

“They aren’t afraid of the male lions. In fact, they like to hang out with the male lions as they are a lot more tolerant of their behaviour. The cubs can get away with doing anything they want to the big males. They chew them, jump on them, pull their tails, pinch their legs, steal their food and get right up under their chins,” finished ChristyLee.

Although Monarto Safari Park is closed to the public until at least the 3 July, keepers will continue to use the Lions 360 dome and platform area. When visitors return they will be able to catch sight of the pride of 10 lions, including the gorgeous four, from the viewing platform or up close from the Lions 360 dome and the Lions at Bedtime experiences.

A competition to name the lion cubs is open to the public with the chance to win family entry to the Lions 360 experience. Visit Monarto Safari Park’s Facebook page for details.


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