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Rhino calf makes her dashing debut on public display

Rhino debut: Monarto Safari Park’s zoomie-loving rhino calf has made her full debut on public display. The two-week-old has previously been in an off-limits area with her mum to allow time to bond.

“Mum and calf have bonded well and the calf is looking healthy, so it was time to let her explore the exhibit area and meet the other female rhinos Savannah and Uhura,” said keeper Mark Mills.

“We opened the gates to the main exhibit for mum and bub and watched in awe as the two jogged out into the paddock without so much as a look behind them.

“Mum Umqali was seen asserting her dominance over the other female rhinos and making sure that they kept their distance.

“The little female calf loves to zoom and then quickly dart back to her mum.

“We have no doubt that this little one will bring a lot of delight to visitors and help to educate them about the plight of the Southern White Rhino in the wild – we can’t wait for the public to see her.

“This little rhino is a big star – she really is a ray of hope for her threatened species,” finished Mark.

Visitors to Monarto Safari Park will be able to see the rhino calf from the Zu-loop bus and the exhibit area.

Monarto Safari Park’s rhino crash is home to six rhinos who all play a huge role in the future for this threatened species – all proudly supported by our partners Beach Energy.

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