Four Przewalski’s Horse foals born this year

Keepers at Monarto Zoo are delighted to announce the birth of four Przewalski’s Horse foals born this year.

The Przewalski’s horse, which is native to Mongolia, is the world’s only remaining wild horse.

Monarto Zoo Senior Ungulate Keeper Mark Mills said Monarto Zoo had bred more than 50 horses since 1986.

“Endangered in the wild, our new foals will play an important role in saving this species from extinction,” Mark said.

The reintroduction of Przewalski’s Horse to Mongolia is a global conservation success with many zoos and wildlife parks working together to ensure the long-term survival of the species.

“We work with other zoos, including Werribee Open Range Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo, to maintain an insurance population to ensure the viability of the species.

“The reason we hold these animals at Monarto Zoo is to save this species from extinction.”

The species was previously classified as extinct in the wild. However, in 1995 we participated in a program which saw seven horses successfully reintroduced to Takhi Tal Nature Reserve in Mongolia, leading to the species forming functional breeding herds in its native habitat. Since then, numbers have continued to steadily increase in Mongolia.

The wild population is currently estimated to consist of around fifty mature individuals free-living in the wild for the past seven years.


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