Nutella thriving in the wild post-release

nutella-thrivingWe’re delighted to share the news one of Monarto Zoo’s former residents is thriving in the wild! 

Nutella, one of our female Tasmanian Devils, was released in late August at Stony Head on Tasmania’s north coast.

Two weeks ago, Nutella was trapped and assessed as part of the two week post-release monitoring.

In good news, Nutella is thriving in the wild, and has been foraging well in open scrub since her release.

After a veterinary health check, Nutella was released back into the wild, allowing her to continue establishing her new home on the Stony Head site.

Prior to her release, Nutella was prepared for wild-release, and was immunised to ensure her long-term survival.

Born and raised at Monarto Zoo, Nutella was relocated to Maria Island in 2013 for breeding purposes. While on Maria Island, Nutella produced two groups of pouched young. Her six offspring are still contributing to the Maria Island population and carry on her genes for the ongoing preservation of the species.

Listed as endangered in the wild, Tasmanian Devil numbers are under threat from the aggressive Devil Facial Tumour Disease which has devastated wild populations.

We’re proud to play our part in the ongoing survival of this iconic species in the wild. We work with many partner organisations across Australasia in a large collaborative captive breeding and release program to safeguard this species from extinction.

Zoos SA has bred at least fourteen species for re-release into the wild both in South Australia, nationally and internationally including Tasmanian Devils, Stick-nest Rats, bilbies, Western Swamp Tortoises, Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies, Orange-bellied Parrots and the Przewalski’s Horse.

Good luck, Nutella!


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