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Two new chimps swing into Monarto Zoo

We’re excited to share the news that two new chimps have joined Monarto Zoo’s Chimpanzee troop!

Monarto Zoo new chimps

Meet Hannah and Lani, two curious girls who are busy settling in after making the journey from Taronga Zoo in Sydney earlier this month.

Senior Primate Keeper Laura Hanley spent a week at Taronga Zoo getting to know the new chimps before their arrival.

She says the girls will be a great addition to the Monarto Zoo chimp group.

“We have been trying to source females for quite some time and are ecstatic to find such great chimps within our region,” Laura says.

After spending some time off exhibit interacting with the rest of the troop, Hannah and Lani are settling in well.

“Hannah is a really sweet chimp, and is having a great time playing with and carrying around two-year-old Enzi,” Laura says.

“It’s beautiful to see and a fantastic for her mothering ability as well.”

The 24-year-old primate was initially nervous when meeting the troop.

Luckily, alpha male Tsotsi quickly took her under his wing, offering her support as she met other individuals.

Monarto Zoo new chimps Lani

Despite being shy at first, the other newcomer, 15-year-old Lani, is now more comfortable within the troop.

“Lani has a fantastic personality – she’s calm, playful and very social,’ Laura says.

“She tends to sit back and watch her new troop and keepers to work out exactly how everything operates before she takes part.”

Male chimp Gombe has been showing Lani around, frequently joining her as she explores her new home.

Lani has also developed a friendship with five-year-old Zuri.

The two frequently play chasey together – though they are still working out the boundaries of the game!

Keepers have been staying overnight at the zoo to closely monitor Hannah and Lani’s interactions with the rest of the troop.

We’re pleased to report that around-the-clock supervision is no longer necessary as the troop is continuing to bond positively.

Hannah was born in Belfast on 28 November 1993, moving to Taronga Zoo from Warsaw Zoo in Poland in late 2015.

Monarto Zoo is Hannah’s fifth home.

Lani has had much less moving experience since, being born at Taronga Zoo on 25 May 2002.

Swing into Monarto Zoo soon to meet the newest additions to our chimp community!


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