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Monarto Zoo animals beat the heat

As the heatwave comes to a close, here’s a look behind the scenes at how our dedicated keepers have kept the animals nice and cool!

During warmer weather, keepers incorporate varied and engaging hot weather enrichment programs into each of the animal’s daily routines.

This type of enrichment allows animals to say cool while also being mentally stimulated and challenged, based on their natural behaviours and instincts.

Hyaenas spend time in their lakes.

With the temperature having exceeded 40 degrees this past week, it was important to make sure all our fluffy, furry and feathery residents were comfortable in the heatwave.

Maureen the Warru enjoys an icy treat in the shade.

At Windana, the hyaenas were treated to delicious ice blocks filled with all of a carnivores favourite treats!

These help to both satisfy their appetites and keep them cool.

But enrichment doesn’t always involve food!

The clever carnivores were also spotted relaxing and exploring the ponds in their home. One cheeky hyaena even decided to jump into her water bowl!

Maureen the Warru enjoyed refreshing icy treats and retreated into nice shady spots to avoid the harsh summer sun.

Both ostriches and rhinos used mud to stay cool, whilst the bongos showered in the sprinklers and chimps played with hoses.

An Ostrich enjoys the cool mud.
Enzi and the chimps love frozen treats

While every animal handles the heat differently, having water and shade available is a top priority.

During summer months, there are a number of ways you can follow suit to help pets and wildlife at home beat the heat.

Here are a few top tips:

  1. Leave water out! Make sure to offer a number of different sized containers to make sure native animals both big and small can stay hydrated.
  2. Add sticks or rocks to water containers. This helps little insects and lizards access the water while also ensuring they have a safe way to get out of the container.
  3. Bring your pets indoors so they can have a nice, cool shady spot to sit.

    Stay cool, everyone!


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