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The Meerkat baby boom continues

Meet Monarto Zoo’s newest and most adorable residents – two pint-sized Meerkat pups!

Meet Monarto Zoo’s newest and most adorable residents – two pint-sized Meerkat pups!

Born on 16 August to proud first-time parents Eanie and Roho, the two little girls are the first Meerkats to ever be born at Monarto Zoo.

At just over a month old, the adorable duo weigh just 120 grams each and are just starting to explore the wide world outside of their den.

Monarto Zoo Meerkat Keeper Cristy Seymour said the sisters were sticking close to mum and dad but were growing in confidence everyday.

“When they are born, they are absolutely tiny, almost bald and their eyes aren’t open” Cristy said.

“Eanie and Roho have been fantastic first-time parents and the pups are thriving.

“Their playful personalities are starting to shine through as they go on adventures in their habitat under the watchful eye of their doting parents.

“The best time for visitors to try and catch a glimpse of the new family is first thing in the morning or when the sun is shining.”

Make sure you head to Monarto Zoo this weekend to welcome the tiny pups to our wild family!

As a conservation charity that exists to save species from extinction, Zoos SA is proud to have bred more than 80 Meerkats since 1993.

The exciting arrival follows a string of breeding successes at Monarto Zoo this year, with the recent births of two giraffe calves, five Cheetah cubs, a critically endangered Addax, endangered Prsewalski’s Horse calf and a Scimitar-horned Oryx, which are extinct in the wild.


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