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Monarto Safari Park tickled pink with calf’s new name on World Giraffe Day!

To celebrate World Giraffe Day, keepers at Monarto Safari Park have announced the name of the young giraffe calf born earlier this month.

“The chosen name, Nyekundu, means ‘red’ in Swahili. The name won by a landslide with voters clearly wanting to continue the colourful naming tradition after mum Scarlett,” said keeper Vaughan Wilson.

Nyekundu’s grandma is also known by the name Rosie.

“World Giraffe Day is celebrated on the 21 June each year. Zoos SA supports the gentle giants through its partnership with Giraffe Conservation Foundation,” finished Vaughan.

This World Giraffe Day, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation is focusing on translocating giraffe to Mozambique in what will be the largest operation of its kind. This translocation is an attempt to reverse a trend that has seen the numbers of giraffe in some areas drop by as much as 90% and even become extinct in some regions. In Mozambique, where civil unrest is rife, there are now as few as 250 giraffe.

Monarto Safari Park is home to 20 giraffe with new arrival Nyekundu joining the herd at the Waterhole exhibit.

As well as announcing Nyekundu’s name, Monarto Safari Park is celebrating World Giraffe Day with face-painting and free finger puppets as well as online activities plus a 10% discount on any products purchased in the Safari Shop!

At sister site, Adelaide Zoo, keepers will give a special keeper talk at 1.30pm and giraffes Kimya and Nolean will be treated to their favourite food: carrots!

While many people believe the giraffe species is safe, the International Union of Conservation (IUCN) has classified the giraffe species as vulnerable to extinction.

Both Monarto Safari Park and Adelaide Zoo offer giraffe experiences suitable for all ages. These close-up encounters give animal lovers a chance to hand feed a giraffe or two. It’s experiences like these that help to build an interest in the future of species and to invest in saving them from extinction.

Monarto Safari Park and Adelaide Zoo are open 365 days a year.

Giraffe facts for World Giraffe Day

  1. Newborn giraffes can stand half an hour after being born.
  2. Giraffes can run as fast as 50kph and cruise at 15kph.
  3. Giraffe only need between 5 – 30 minutes of sleep per 24 hours.
  4. Giraffe can make noises beyond the human range of hearing.
  5. There is one recognised species of giraffe and 9 different subspecies.
  6. Sadly, giraffe are already extinct in at least seven countries in Africa.
  7. Giraffe feet are the size of a dinner plate with a diameter of 30cm.
  8. Giraffe tongues are bluish-purple and between 45 and 50cm long.
  9. Both male and female giraffe have horn-like bone at birth. Called ossicones, these ‘horns’ lie flat and are not attached to the skull. They only fuse to the skull later in life.
  10. Giraffe can survive by only drinking once every few days.

Thanks to Omnia for their help in supporting the giraffe at Monarto Safari Park all year round.


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