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Chimps celebrate a birthday and a baby announcement!

With a big birthday bash and a baby on the way, Monarto Zoo’s cheeky chimps sure do have a lot to celebrate today!

The whole troop are in party mode in honour of the eldest member Boyd, who is celebrating his 40th birthday.

Plus, keepers are excited to let a big secret out of the bag – Hannah the chimp is pregnant!

Monarto Zoo Senior Primate Keeper Laura Hanley says the keeping team are pulling out all the stops to celebrate with presents, treats and more.

“It’s a big day for the whole troop today, they are a boisterous bunch so they will be very excited for the special enrichment,” Laura says.

“Turning 40 is a huge milestone for our gorgeous Boyd.

“With age, he’s starting to experience a little arthritis but it hasn’t slowed him down much, we still see him playing on the ropes and chasing after other chimps in the troop.”

Keepers are also dishing out extra special celebrations for 24-year-old first time mum Hannah.

Hannah’s baby bump is beginning to show

“It’s great to be able to share the news about Hannah’s pregnancy with the public now, she’s doing very well and is starting to show a small baby bump,” Laura says.

“Hannah arrived at Monarto in March this year, and has definitely settled well into the troop.

“Her pregnancy is a very exciting journey for us and we can’t wait to welcome her first baby in autumn 2019.”

Monarto Zoo is home to an amazing troop of ten – soon to be 11 – chimpanzees. This intelligent species are our closest living relative sharing approximately 98.7 per cent of our DNA.

As a conservation charity, Zoos SA works to help save chimpanzees from extinction, through involvement in an international breeding program and by supporting Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary.


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