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Animal Facts

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    Equus quagga
  • Conservation

    Near Threatend
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Meet our dazzling zebras!

Monarto Safari Park is home to two herds of striking Plains Zebras.

A herd of seven zebras takes up residence next to our solar farm and is headed by dominant male, Storm. Storm arrived at Monarto Safari Park in June 2013 after making the journey from Victoria’s Werribee Zoo, where he was born in early 2012. Storm became a dad in 2017, when we welcomed two adorable foals to the herd after Storm paired with females, Kenya and Thembela. With the addition of another new breeding male to the herd, we have high hopes for the pitter-patter of more tiny foal hooves in the not-too-distant future!

Monarto Safari Park’s second group of zebras, a bachelor duo, live in the African Plains exhibit, where the boys can be seen from the safari bus or viewing platform. One of the males is Zambesi ncane, Zambesi for short, who was one of the last zebras to be housed over at Adelaide Zoo. There, Zembesi spent six years as a successful breeding male before being returned to Monarto Safari Park in 2008. Since returning, he sired another three foals before joining our bachelor group.

The Plains Zebra is the most common and geographically widespread of the three zebra species. It roams the savannahs of eastern and southern Africa.

Plains Zebra herds are nomadic and generally live in breeding groups with a single male and his ‘harem’ of up to six females or in all male bachelor groups. During periods of migration, these groups can come together to form larger herds, although they will generally stay in their own group.

Zebras have several predators in the wild and when threatened their unique coat patterns, when moving together in a group, can make it difficult for a predator to pick out an individual, giving the zebra a greater chance of survival.

There are approximately 700,000 wild Plains Zebras living on the African savannah plains. They’re currently not threatened, although numbers are decreasing due to hunting for their meat and skins.


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