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Meet our crash of remarkable rhinos

Want to know what a rhino feels like? Go behind the scenes and get up close to both our Southern White Rhinos and Black Rhinos.

Get the chance to hand feed these amazing creatures before helping to organise their dinner and put them to bed for the night.

You’ll learn all about the plight of these powerful giants in the wild.

Highlights of this experience

  • Get up close and hand feed our remarkable rhinos
  • Assist the keeper with their dinner
  • Experience the thrill of putting these huge creatures to bed for the night

The Southern White Rhino is one of the largest land animals on earth and has the biggest horn of all rhinos’!

A rhinos physiology closely resembles that of zebras and horses, having the same basic digestive tract (single-chambered stomach).

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

Worth more than gold and cocaine on the illegal black market, rhino horn is incorrectly thought to have medicinal properties which is leading to the species being killed at an alarming rate. The heartbreaking reality is one rhino is killed every six hours. Unless we act now, experts are predicting rhinos will be extinct in the next ten years.

We’re proud to have successfully bred many Southern White Rhinos, an important contribution to securing the future of this near-threatened species. We’re also working with The Australian Rhino Project to build a rhino sanctuary at Monarto Safari Park, to relocate up to thirty threatened Southern White Rhinos from South Africa to Monarto where they will be protected from poaching. The Australian Rhino Project aims to help maintain a viable rhino insurance population outside of Africa, should the species become extinct.

Since 2011, we have been supporting rhinos in Africa through our work with The Northern Rangelands Trust. During this time, Black Rhinos have been reintroduced back into Sera after previously being poached to extinction in the community lands of northern Kenya. We have donated more than $156,000 to support a community-led ranger program that patrols the Sera Conservancy to prevent poaching and livestock theft. We also estimate that we have contributed over $60,000 to support the Honorary Rangers in Kruger National Park in their fight against rhino poaching.

By purchasing a ticket to our Rhino Interactive experience, you are helping us actively fight to ensure these powerful giants stay a stampede ahead of extinction. To support us even further you can also adopt our Rhinos or make a tax deductible donation.

Want to get involved? You can help!

Adopt or donate

Meet Eshe (meaning life and energy) just named on #WorldRhinoDay. Thanks to Aaron @BeachEnergyLtd for nominating su…

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