Westpac Animal Play Day Returns to Monarto Zoo

With beautiful spring weather forecasted, Monarto Zoo is inviting the public to join in the festivities at their ever-popular Westpac Animal Play Day this Sunday 14 September.

Zoo residents and visitors alike are in for a treat, with a ton of fun activities planned including a showcase of animal enrichment activities aimed at stimulating animals’ wild, playful instincts.

Monarto Zoo Team Leader of Primates and Carnivores, Anna Bennett says that enrichment is an important part of the animals’ lives at the zoo.

“Enrichment is a part of the daily routine at Monarto Zoo. Whether it’s introducing new scents and textures, hiding food in puzzles or toys or participating in training programs, we make sure that each of the animals we care for are both mentally and physically stimulated,” Anna said.

“Westpac Animal Play Day is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see what exactly is involved in keeping our animals happy and healthy; and with the beautiful spring weather, what better time to visit the zoo!

“As always our team of volunteers have been hard at work preparing for the event, producing a range of unique enrichment items to be used on the day to enhance both the animal and visitor experience.”

Westpac Animal Play Day visitors will enjoy watching the highly intelligent Chimpanzee troop unravel a range of tricky puzzles, the rhino crash use their almighty horns to break into papier mache objects filled with lucerne hay and Monarto’s meerkat mob weave through impressive cardboard mazes.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to take part in hands-on enrichment making activities which focus on the importance of incorporating enrichment into the lives of domestic pets. Kids will enjoy listening to the special zoo keeper presentations and love the free jumping castle and face painting too.

At no additional cost, the day is guaranteed to be full of fun and play for animals and visitors alike!

For more information about the Monarto Zoo Westpac Animal Play Day including the schedule of events visit the Monarto Zoo website.


Keeper Hayley made this incredible Pygmy Blue-tongue cake for the #TSBakeoff, complete with the spider burrows thes… https://t.co/jTG6sWpSmS