Due to an extreme weather event Monarto Safari Park is closed on Wednesday, 20th November 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Something BIG has moved into Monarto Zoo

Introducing Shandu, the world’s largest rhino sculpture!

Created by international artists Gille and Mark and originally installed on Bondi Beach, Shandu is a powerful reminder of the plight of rhinos in the wild.

The heartbreaking reality is one rhino is killed every six hours. Their horns are incorrectly thought to have medicinal properties which is leading to them being killed at an alarming rate.

Unless we act now, they’ll be extinct in the wild in the next few years.

Monarto Zoo is committed to saving rhinos from extinction by providing them with a safe haven and running successful breeding programs on site.

Taking the issue of poaching by its horn, we’re proud to be working to relocate up to 30 threatened Southern White Rhinos to Monarto Zoo where they will be protected.

Weighing in at 700kg, Shandu can be found soaking up the rays outside the visitor centre between the chimps and Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies.

Make sure you head down to Monarto Zoo soon to check out Shandu and get some epic photos!

You can help us save rhinos from extinction by speaking out against poaching. Take action by taking a photo of Shandu and sharing it on social media.

Don’t forget to tag #MonartoZoo


Keeper Hayley made this incredible Pygmy Blue-tongue cake for the #TSBakeoff, complete with the spider burrows thes… https://t.co/jTG6sWpSmS

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