Four ways Lions 360 is helping save African Lions in the wild

You’ve already heard about how Lions 360 is helping keep our lion pride happy and healthy, but did you know that Lions 360 is great for African lions in the wild too?

Sadly over the last 21 years, the wild population of these awe-inspiring predators is believed to have dropped by 43% – the equivalent of three generations.

One of Africa’s most beloved species, this majestic big cat is now listed as vulnerable to extinction, and it’s estimated there may be as few as 20,000 remaining in the wild.

As a conservation charity, we’re on a mission to save lions from extinction and Lions 360 is helping us to do it. Here’s how:

Putting money back into conservation

Every ticket sold for Lions 360 helps us protect the future of African Lions with proceeds going towards vital conservation programs.

This includes programs like the 330,000 hectare Sera Conservancy in Northern Kenya, where we support 36 rangers to protect lions and other African species from hunting and poaching.

Lions 360 sales also raise valuable funds to safeguard lions in their native Zambia through our partnership with Painted Dog Conservation Inc. which supports the Zambian Carnivore Program.

The Zambian Carnivore Program is focussed on the conservation of lions and other large carnivore species, their prey and the habitat they rely on, ensuring lions’ vital resources are available for generations to come.

Connecting people with nature

At Monarto Zoo, we believe connecting people with nature is the best way to inspire them to save species from extinction, and Lions 360 is a great way to show the public just how incredible our feisty lions are!

When a person has the opportunity to see or engage with a zoo animal, they develop a greater relationship with and understanding of that animal and are more likely to take action to help with the conservation of their wild cousins.

That’s why we got creative and came up with Australia’s only 360 degree lion experience, as we think there’s no better way to develop a relationship with one of the planet’s most amazing carnivores than to stand centimeters away from one!

Spreading awareness about the plight of African lions in the wild

Lions 360 isn’t just about creating unforgettable experiences for visitors, it also gives us a powerful platform to talk about the conservation of African lions in the wild.

As well as being part of a critical breeding program to establish a viable insurance population, our lion pride is integral to spreading the message of their species’ conservation.

Every lion at Monarto Zoo has the important job of acting as an ambassador for their species in the wild, creating an effective educational tool to shed light on the plight of their wild cousins.

We believe that once people learn about our majestic lions, there’s no way they won’t want to help us safeguard the future of this magnificent species.

Bolstering the breeding program and insurance population

Any cubs born at Monarto Zoo will play significant role not only in our breeding program to bolster the insurance population for this vulnerable species, but also as ambassadors for their species, acting as a powerful educational tool to shed light on the plight of their wild cousins.

There’s never been an easier way to help secure the future of lions around the world! You can book your experience here.

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