Help Name our Little Chimp!

The newest member of the Monarto Zoo Chimpanzee troop, a bouncing baby boy, needs a name, and zoo keepers would like help from the public to find him a befitting name.

Born on 19 October, the male infant is the second infant born to Zombi, the matriarch of the Monarto chimp troop.

Monarto Zoo Primate Keeper Nicky Tomkinson says at more than three weeks of age, the male infant is incredibly strong and thriving under the experienced care of his mum.

“Zombi is an incredible mum and doing everything we would expect of her with both a new infant and a three-year-old youngster in tow,” Nicky said.

“The little man is doing extremely well – he has very bright eyes and in recent days has started focusing in on his surroundings. He can also be quite vocal when he wants Zombi to give him a boost up for a feed.

“His older sister Zuri has taken well to her new role as big sister, and will be a fantastic playmate and teacher for the little boy as he grows up.
“Based on his mum’s status within the troop, we have a feeling he’ll grow to be a future leader of our troop, so we’re looking for a name that befits his status and prospects.”

The events of the last few weeks have been extraordinarily unique for staff with the unfortunate loss of two cherished members of the Chimpanzee troop. Monarto Zoo and its staff would like to thank the public for their support and ongoing interest in the Chimpanzee family.

“Although we have had to say goodbye to both Soona and Boon, Zombi’s new infant gives both the Chimpanzee troop and zoo keepers a positive, new focus,” Nicky said.

“The rest of the chimp group is very interested in the new arrival cozying up to Zombi in an attempt to get a closer look and have at times been spotted sneaking a gentle touch while grooming Zombi.

“Zombi is spending much of her time on the upper level of the day room, giving visitors a special view of her little infant through the glass.”

To submit a name suggestion for Monarto’s little Chimpanzee infant, click here and fill out the entry form. The winning submission will win a double pass for the Meet the Chimps animal experience for the chance to meet the little man and the Chimpanzee troop up close and personal.


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