Enzi turns one!

Today at Monarto Zoo, we partied chimp-style to celebrate a very special occasion.

Enzi our beautiful baby chimp turned one! Keepers treated the birthday boy to a party complete with presents, a watermelon cake and decorations.

Zoo staff went to great lengths to prepare for Enzi’s special day, creating a number of gifts and tasty treats which generated a great deal of excitement amongst the chimp troop.

Monarto Zoo Senior Primate Keeper, Laura Hanley, said Enzi had captured the hearts of staff and visitors alike over the last year.

“Enzi has brought so much joy to the Monarto Zoo family, arriving during a particularly difficult time last year after the loss of his Aunty, Soona, and her infant Boon,” Laura said.

“He is an incredibly cheeky chimp who loves to get up to mischief with his big sister, Zuri. It’s wonderful to walk in each morning and hear their laughter ringing through the building.


“At just one year old, Enzi has a bright future ahead and marks a significant contribution to the international breeding program working to save this incredible species from extinction.”

Enzi is the second offspring born to mum, Zombi, who is also mother to our four-year-old female chimp Zuri. Monarto Zoo is home to an amazing troop of eight endangered chimpanzees, our closest living relative sharing approximately 98.7% of our DNA.

As a conservation charity, we’re doing our bit to help save these amazing creatures from extinction through our part in an international breeding program and support of the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in the Upper Guinea Forest in Sierra Leone.

Enzi is growing every day, so there’s no better time to visit Monarto Zoo!



Keeper Hayley made this incredible Pygmy Blue-tongue cake for the #TSBakeoff, complete with the spider burrows thes… https://t.co/jTG6sWpSmS

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