Monarto Zoo’s five adorable Cheetah cubs have been named!

We’re excited to reveal the names of our five adorable Cheetah cubs!

After receiving more than 200 name suggestions from the public, our keepers settled on five African-inspired names which are fitting for our  little fur balls.

The names for three of the little girls are Zari (golden), Ayana (pretty flower) and Tafara (we are happy).

The fourth female was named Imani, meaning faith, by keepers after she treated for an infection aged 10 weeks.

Their brother has been named Akiki — which means friend.

Photos: Adrian Mann

Carnivore Keeper Gale Akerman said the cubs were thriving and keepers had chosen names to best suit their playful personalities.

“At five months old, the little cubs weigh in at about 10kg each now and are growing everyday under the watchful eye of doting mum Kesho,” Gale said.

“They are so playful and adventurous. They definitely keep mum on her toes as they explore absolutely everything from climbing trees to splashing in puddles.

“Now is the perfect time to come and see them, they are always on the move or cuddling up together.” 

Born on Friday, 24 March, the cubs are an exciting addition to the zoo family as they are the first litter to be born at Monarto Zoo since 2012.

Classified as vulnerable to extinction in the wild, the Cheetah cubs have a bright future ahead of them and mark an important contribution to the breeding program working to secure the future of this majestic species.


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