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Man touching Southern White Rhino during Rhino Express experience
Women touching Southern White Rhino during Rhino Express experience
Man touching Southern White Rhino during Rhino Express experience

Jump aboard Rhino Express!

Just imagine coming eye-to-eye with Ibutho, our Southern White Rhino bull and being able to tickle him behind the ears or feel between the fold of skin where his skin is so incredibly soft.

Rhino Express is the perfect introductory experience to the majestic and endangered Southern White Rhino.

Taking just 45 minutes door to door, your experience starts the moment you hop onto our bus. You’ll learn all about rhinos, our plans for the country’s first rhino sanctuary and, of course, about Ibutho.

Your journey will see you travel through Monarto Safari Park’s current site and beyond, to the behind-the-scenes area of our Wild Africa precinct, future site of our rhino sanctuary.

It’s here in Wild Africa where you’ll meet Ibutho, our Southern White Rhino bull who, despite his enormous size, just happens to be a big softie who loves a tickle and rub.

There to greet you will also be one of Ibutho’s keepers, who will be on hand to explain how to pat him as well as tell you all about him and rhino here at Monarto and in the wild.

Jump aboard Rhino Express now…

Please note the minimum age for this experience is 10 years.

Highlights of this experience

  • Get up close to Ibutho, our Southern White Rhino bull and give him a scratch!
  • Travel to the behind-the-scenes area of our Wild Africa precinct
  • Learn all about this incredible species and our plans for Australia’s first rhino sanctuary

White Rhinos are one of the largest land animals and have the biggest horn of all rhinos’!

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

Worth more than gold and cocaine on the illegal black market, rhino horn is incorrectly thought to have medicinal properties which is leading to the species being killed at an alarming rate. The heartbreaking reality is one rhino is killed every six hours. Unless we act now, experts are predicting rhinos will be extinct in the next ten years.

We’re proud to have consistently bred Southern White Rhinos, an important contribution to securing the future of this near-threatened species. We’re also working with The Australian Rhino Project to build a rhino sanctuary at Monarto Safari Park, to relocate up to thirty threatened rhinos from South Africa to Monarto where they will be protected. The Australian Rhino Project aims to help maintain a viable rhino insurance population outside of Africa, should the species become extinct.

By purchasing a ticket to our Rhino Express experience, you are helping us actively fight to ensure these powerful giants stay a stampede ahead of extinction. To support us even further you can also adopt our Rhinos or make a tax deductible donation.

Want to get involved? You can help!

Adopt or donate

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