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Say hello to our closest cousin in the animal kingdom

Go behind the scenes and say hello to our closest living relatives. Meet our dedicated Chimpanzee keepers and learn all about each of our chimp’s individual personalities.

Help the keepers prepare delicious and engaging enrichment items for the troop and observe the chimps’ fascinating training program.

You’ll leave with awesome insights and a greater appreciation for these incredible primates.

Highlights of this experience

  • Meet Monarto’s troop of chimpanzees
  • Witness a captivating training session
  • Assist our keepers in preparing stimulating enrichment items

Chimpanzees are our closest living relative, sharing approximately 98.7% of our DNA.

Chimpanzees can show a wide range of emotions including fear by screaming when scared, hugging for comfort and smiling or laughing when happy.

How your ticket helps our conservation efforts

Chimpanzees are highly endangered with as few as between 170,000 and 300,000 remaining in the wild. The major threat they face is habitat loss due to logging, mining for minerals like coltan that is found in electronic devices, palm oil plantations, susceptibility to human disease and population growth. They are also hunted for bushmeat and captured for the illegal wildlife trade, where young chimps are sold as pets or for entertainment.

We work to help save chimps from extinction through involvement in international breeding programs and providing conservation support to both the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone and the Jane Goodall Institute Australia. Monarto also recently celebrated the arrival of two infant chimps, marking a vital achievement for Chimpanzee conservation and the wider Australasian breeding program.

By purchasing a ticket to our Meet the Chimps experience, you are helping us continue our vital conservation work to help ensure these curious creatures stay a swing ahead of extinction. To support us even further you can also adopt our chimps or make a tax deductible donation.

Want to get involved? You can help!

Adopt or donate

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